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Wicked Liquid FX is a small digital media studio specializing in quality motion graphics, 3d animation, and visual effects.

As the need for visual effects in film and television productions increases, Wicked Liquid has been there to help deliver the goods. Through partnerships with ABC, NBC, FOX, and Nickelodeon, their team consistently achieves high marks for quality, and creativity.

In addition to their work in the broadcast space, Wicked Liquid FX has also made significant contributions to the medical industry through the creation of photo-realistic 3d imagery and animation. From Ophthalmology systems to Cardiovascular, Dental, and Pharmaceutical products and procedures, Wicked Liquid FX has helped companies from across the nation realize their sales and marketing potential, as well as achieve a cohesive and lasting brand expression.

As a result of their own passions for automotive design, Wicked Liquid has collaborated with several award winning advertising agencies to deliver promotional and technical animations for automotive manufacturers such as: Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru. Wicked Liquid creates consumer facing marketing efforts with a keen eye toward effective storytelling.

From an intense focus on client and end user relationships to a commitment to the highest quality digital imagery, Wicked Liquid FX remains at the forefront of the 3d animation and visual effects industries.

Wicked Liquid is located in Newport Beach in Southern California.

Wicked Liquid
20342 SW Acacia St. #210
Newport Beach, CA 92660